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New Mexico Health Insurance

The unique cultural heritage of New Mexico also poses some pressing needs and challenges in regards to health insurance. New Mexico's tribal territories are currently working with the state government to improve the quality of health coverage and care. However, the state is in a dismal state in regards to health coverage. As of 2007, New Mexico was ranked second in the number of uninsured residents - a full 400,000 New Mexico residents had no insurance.

Gov. Bill Richardson has attacked this issue head-on. However, he will need the support of the larger public. His plan - instead of calling for a single-payer system - encourages increases in efficiencies, affordability, and accountability.

Finding a Health Insurance Plan in New Mexico

There are all types of health insurance plans available. To help you along with your search, you can use the internet to receive free quotes for health plans that meet your requirements. Comparison web sites are available to accumulate a list for you, so that all you have to do is compare and contrast the health plans that best suit your situation. Make sure you don't only look for the most affordable of the health plans; this doesn't always mean that you will get all of the benefits you need. Take a close look at the health plans to see the benefits included and base your decision on that.

Health Insurance Plans

For those who aren't yet eligible for health benefits from their employer, short-term health insurance can be an alternative. You can purchase a plan between one and 12 months, so however many months you need to wait, you can be covered meanwhile. Another reason for using short-term health insurance is to have coverage while going away on a long trip or going into dangerous territories for a period of time. For a health plan that is affordable, you may want to look into getting an HMO through your employer. This is a low-cost health insurance plan that doesn't have fluctuating premiums. You have the option of choosing any of their in-network physicians, but the one you choose will be your Primary Care Physician. He or she will be responsible for all of your medical needs and will refer you to other specialists within your coverage plan.

Another option is to get an HSA, Health Savings Account. This is a tax-deferred savings account that gives you complete freedom to withdraw and deposit money for any type of medical expenses without any restrictions. It is required that you are enrolled in a High Deductible Health Plan -these offer low premiums.

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